Surveys & Expert Reports for Wind Turbines

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Does your wind turbine stand tall in the wind? IFE inspections, surveys and expert reports, independent of manufacturers, provide in-depth answers to this question.

Our experienced technicians and engineers will inspect and assess your wind turbines. In return, you will be given an easy to understand test and inspection report explaining the results.

Straightaway you will see: What is the status quo? Is there a need to act and if so: immediately or mid-term?

Utilise the hard facts to ensure the availability of your wind turbines and at the same time economic success.


Reliably checked: no questions left unanswered

Our services include the statutory, periodic inspection as well as condition-related inspections. The scope of inspection is also governed by the applicable principles and directives of the periodic inspection (DiBt – “German Institute of Civil Engineering”, BWE and insurance).

Expertise, modern technology and analytical methods are the tools we use to put your wind turbine to the test. We will gladly accommodate your individual requirements.

Periodic inspection

The scope of this service includes inspection of the foundation, tower, nacelle, propeller blades, and other parts. It also entails inspection of the safety system and review of the service manual. All official conditions are checked in terms of their compliance with the “Federal Immission Control Act” (Immissionsschutzgesetz).

Commissioning report

First of all, the foundation, tower, housing, propeller blades and other components are inspected. Our surveyors then check that the wind turbine is being operated properly and in line with contractual obligations. Any component defects or incomplete work is recorded and entered in a concise test and inspection report.

Inspection prior to warranty expiry/condition-related inspection

Is it operating smoothly? Are there any signs of initial damage? Our experts will check for this in the complementary test and inspection procedures. This includes inspection of the foundation, tower, nacelle, propeller blades and entire drive train. Performance curves are also analysed and compared.

Vibration analysis in compliance with VDI 3834/1 and video endoscopy provide accurate results in the event of early detection of damage.

Continuing operation after 20 years of use

Continuing operation of the wind turbine can be a lucrative option even after 20 years of use. Our expert reports will provide you with the relevant information. In addition to a detailed technical inspection of the wind turbines on site, the scope of performance also includes an analytical review. Analysis of operating data and weak spots is carried out and an overall assessment of relevant influential factors. The inspection is based on current guidelines, e.g. from Germanischer Lloyd, the BWE and the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (“German Institute of Structural Engineering”).

Technical and commercial consulting

Take a close look: this is precisely what we would like to do for you in our consultations. Technical consulting includes damage reports and handling of damage claims with insurance companies, and quality control of new or faulty components in the wind turbine.

Commercial consulting includes assessment of the viability of quotations and invoices, or review of maintenance contracts.

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Behind the scenes

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