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For over 25 years, the IFE Group has been an established force on the market. Foundation of the Group in 1994 was inspired by the idea of promoting wind-generated electricity and backing this up with coordinated engineering Services Independent of manufacturers. We remain committed to this basic idea. Let’s place your project to face the wind together. 

The team for your success

In the engineering company for energy projects, we bundle planning, consulting and surveying, while wind service and power engineering company focusses on services in operation management and quality assurance. Our team always work closely with one another: this creates synergies and an overall picure in every phase of the project. 

Our experienced expert teams include civil engineers, technicians and energy systems & eletronic engineers, as well as business managers or georgraphers. The teams are supported by a network of specialists from the areas of law, soil science, or nature conservation and landscape protection. This allows us to respond effectively and flexibly in all of the project phases. 

What`s more, just as we question the work of others in our role as surveyors, we also have the quality and efficiency of our own work regularly inspected an certifies.