Surveys & expert reports for wind turbines

Does your wind turbine stand tall in the wind? IFE inspecttions, surveys and expert reports, Independent of manufacturers, provide in-depth answers to this Question. 

Our experiences technucuans and engineers will inspect and assess your wind turbnies. In return, you will be given an easy to understand test and inspection report explaining the results. 

Straightaway you will see: What is the status quo? Is there a need to act and if so: immediately or mid-term?

Utilise the hard Facts to ensure the availability of your wind turbines and at the same time economic success.

Commissioning Inspections

Responsibility for the wind power plant passes from the manufacturer to the

operator during commissioning. The commissioning inspection provides both parties with assurance at this crucial interface. Our experts will inspect the foundation, tower, nacelle, rotor blades and other components and check the contractually complaint and correct operation ot the wind turbines. They will detect any defective components or uncompleted work and document this in an informative test report. Our experienced experts would also be happy to monitor the timely and proper remediation of any defects identified by the manufacturer of the system. 

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Recurring Inspections

The scope of the recurring inspections includes an inspection of the 

foundation, tower, nacelle, rotor blades and other components. It also includes an inspection of the safety systems and a review of the maintenance specification. We also monitor all regulatory requirements in accordance with Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG). An informative inspection report in compliance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 documents the results and can be submitted to the approval authorities. 

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Inspections before the end of the warranty

Is the system running smoothly? Is initial damage discernible?

Our surveyors will inspect this with complementary test procedures, including the inspection of the foundation, tower, nacelle, rotor blade and the entire train. They will also evaluate and compare performance curves.

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Before End of Full-Maintenance Contract

To take the last chance to make use of possible claims according to the full

maintenance contract vis-à-vis the manufacturer, we recommend a technical examination of the wind turbine optional with vibration measurement of the powertrain and/or video endoscopy of the gearbox. The aim of this review is to record the current technical condition of the wind turbine and to identify any initial damage in order to avoid consequential damage.

The results of this review enable the operator to assess the quality of maintenance under the full maintenance contract, to identify special weaknesses of the existing full maintenance contract, assert possible claims from the full maintenance contract in good time and make the informed selection for a future maintenance concept.


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Gearbox endoscopy

The visual inspection of transmissions and other machine components that 

cannot be seen from the outside is a fast and cost-effective method of inspection. The endoscopy provides a concrete statement about the condition of the gearbox, which would not be possible without an elaborate disassembly. The inspection is carried out for visually detectable damage, such as wear of the gears, outbursts, glutters, grey spots and deposits.    

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Electrothermography is an imaging, objective measurement method 

method for the non-contact determination of surface temperatures. With the electrothermography, weak points can be detected on different main components as well as their outlets and transitions in the shortest possible time. In addition, the implementation of electrothermography can provide an important decision-making aid in order to plan and implement necessary measures.

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Analysis of vibration state

In vibration analysis according to VDI 3834/1, the vibrations of rotating parts 

are recorded and analysed. Wind turbines are exposed to highly variable wind forces and wind directions. This leads to constantly changing oscillations and considerable amplitude jumps. The vibration patterns and vibration amplitudes allow conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the rotating parts and the bearings

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Ongoing operation after 20 years

The ongoing operation of a wind turbine can be a worthwhile option 

even after 20 years of service. Our reports will provide evidence of this. An analytical review of the scope of services is provided alongside a detailed technical inspection of the wind turbines on site. This includes an analysis of operating data and week points, as well as an overall assessment of influencing factors. Our review is based on the latest guidelines, including from Germanischer Lloyd, the BWE and the German Institute for Building Technology guidelines.

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Tech. and cial. consulting

Careful analysis: We would also be happy to take responsibility for this

in our role as consultants. Technical consulting includes failure analysis according to VDI 3822, the settlement of damage claims with insurance companies and the quality control of new or faulty components in the wind turbine. Our commercial Consulting reviews quotations and invoices for viability and also checks maintenance contracts. 

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