Operation Management

Optimised services

Efficient operation management will optimise the cost-effectiveness of your wind farm. It´s all about implementing the various, ever more demanding conditions of grid operators, direct sellers and authorities: more and more often, the lines between technical and commercial operations and legal requirements blur.

IFE harmonises and controls these processes for you with the clear aim of maximising the safety and profitability of your wind farm. We take an integrated approach that incorporates four factors for the successful operation of an optimised wind farm:

  • Legal – monitoring and observance of all approval conditions
  • Reliable – planning and quality assurance of condition-related maintenance
  • Cost-effective – optimisation of production and availability
  • Representative – prevention of conflicts with neighbours and stakeholders



Technical operation

Monitoring, supplying, documenting: these are the principles we apply to ensure the daily operation of wind turbines.
Our services include:

  • Real time monitoring
  • 24/7 call out with a response time < 30 minutes
  • Coordination, monitoring and quality assurance of servicing and maintenance work
  • Notification of short to mid-term prospective downtimes
  • Feed-in management/remote control
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Regular inspections of systems
  • Comparison with reference systems from the IFE portfolio

Commercial operations

Commercial support ensures cost-effective management of necessary technical repairs and enhancements. Furthermore, we offer our customers support with liquidity forecasts and cashflow management. Our services include:

  • Auditing of accounts (objective and commercial)
  • Accounting of feed-in revenue
  • Services for the direct marketing of electricity
  • Payment processing/dividends
  • Insurance management
  • Individual preparation of information for shareholders and lenders
  • Preparation of and support at shareholders meetings

Our References

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